Hi, I’m Christie…welcome to my very own little piece of happiness. A place where I can express part of who I am while also sharing with you my decorating and party ideas.

I live in Thunder Bay, ON and besides a short stint in Lloydminster, AB when I was 5ish, I have always called TBay home.
It is a beautiful place this city I live in, surrounded by lakes and scenery that will surely take your breath away.

I have a great love for wine, cats, creaky floors, and the smell of scotch tape – not necessarily in that order.

This blog is not about million dollar lake house renovations – my home is old and cozy and my decorating budget depends on how much wine I buy.  You won’t find any recipes or perfectly staged food pics either – I could happily survive on chicken noodle soup and salt and vinegar chips.  It is a straight up reflection of who I am and the things I love – a happy, shiny girl with a little crazy thrown in the mix.

My goal is to fill each day with as much joy and laughter as possible, and if reading my posts can make one person smile, then I consider this blog successful.

I hope you enjoy reading Glittering Ambition as much as I enjoy writing it and I would love to hear your thoughts on my ideas, as well as hearing some of your own. Let’s have fun with this!