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Bachelorette Party

Before you continue reading, please be aware that this was an adult party – so if you have little ones running around you may want to X this and come back to it later, may I suggest with a glass of wine.

I have planned many parties, but never a bachelorette party and I would of never been able to pull it off without the help of my co-host, Jessica (AKA Ritchie).  I really wanted to stay away from the typical penis party where you drink from penis cups/straws, give out pecker favors, and eat a penis cake. Then everyone gets dolled up and heads out to the bar where the bride typically gets smashed in the first hour and everyone is split up by the second hour.  Don’t get me wrong, that can be a lot of fun, but my friend deserved a party more unique than that.

My friend Madisson met her prince charming through friends while he was working in the U.S.  It took no time for them to realize that they were meant to be together forever, unfortunately geography and boat loads of paperwork are delaying that process.  Stuart is from South Africa, which made the marriage process a bit more complicated – but love conquers all and they had the most beautiful wedding in South Africa.  Fingers crossed he will be joining Madisson in Canada soon enough, so they can begin their new life together.

OK back to the party!  My first idea was to divide the girls into two groups, Team Canada and Team South Africa.  The teams would face off against each other in all the games we played – but how was I to identify who was on each team?  I could of made each person wear the flag of the team they were representing, but where is the fun in that! Instead I had the girls draw from a hat which team they were going to be on.  If they picked Team CA they had to wear a pair of granny panties over their pants, and if they picked Team SA they had to wear a pair of men’s underwear over their pants.  Now before you ewww me, the undies were all brand new.  I wasn’t finished there, the underwear needed some ’embellishments’ if I can call it that, to really help identify which team they were on.  Cue photo:

We used an afro wig, cut different size pieces off and hot glued them to the granny panties.  For the men’s underwear, we stuffed nylons and attached them with a safety pin.  Of course we had to make each one a different size – and on a hilarious note, most of the woman on Team SA could not stop touching their penises.  The bride had her own special white pair of granny panties and a veil to wear.

Once the women were settled into their outfits, it was time to start the games.  We kept the first one pretty low key, each team along with Madisson were given a paddle – one with the brides face on it and one with the grooms.  We asked Madisson a series of questions regarding her relationship with Stuart.  Sitting with her back to the teams, she would lift up one of the paddles depending on her answer.  If the other teams matched her answer they were given a point.  Some of the questions were:
Who said I love you first?
Who is more likely to say I’m sorry first?
Who takes longer showers?
Who is the better dancer?
It was a great ice breaker game, and a fun way to learn more about Madisson and Stuart as a couple.

Game #2
When I sent out the invites to the party I asked each person to bring a pickup line that they thought would work best on Madisson.  We gave each person a balloon filled with helium.  The game was simple, inhale  some helium and read the pickup line to the bride.  She rated each one based on how good the pickup line was combined with the funny voice.  We tallied up each persons points at the end and added it to their respective teams totals.  It was funny to hear how each person’s voice changed with the helium – add to that a cheesy pickup line…hilarious!

Game #3
We saved the best for last.  This game took a bit of thought, along with a trial run to make sure it would work, and boy did it work.
Madisson was the target for this game, along with her sister who was the maid of honor.  Luckily Rachel was a great sport about it!
After covering my dining room floor in plastic tarp, we had Madisson and Rachel put on ponchos and lie on either side of the room.  We thinned out vanilla pudding with milk and poured it into plastic squirt bottles.  Taking turns each player had to stand beside either Madisson or Rachel depending on which team they represented and with the squirt bottle between their knees, try and shoot as much ‘pudding’ as possible into the girls mouths.  It was a messy but super fun game, especially for those of us not lying on the floor.

Bachelorette party


This was such a fun night filled with lots of laughs, delicious food and great company!  I hope the bride and her guests had as much fun at the party as we did planning it.
Congratulations to Madisson and Stuart!




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    Gayle Korlenko
    January 19, 2017 at 5:56 pm

    Hysterical! Well written, entertaining and funny as hell! Nice job Christie!

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