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I recently ordered a few dresses online for the upcoming holiday season.  I actually only have one Christmas party which requires a fancy dress, but of course a girl needs to have options.
Upon recieving the dresses in the mail I immediately and with much excitement ran to the bedroom to try them on.  I have ordered from Lulus many times and have always been happy with their clothing.
The first dress was nice, a little too casual for my upcoming party but it was sparkly and fun and I would find somewhere to wear it.  The second dress was made of a lovely velvet with silver threaded throughout, and it fit perfectly!

The third and last dress was a little different from my usual style.  Black with gold stars, it had an open back and the super wide sleeves that appear to be making a comeback.  I was hesitant in ordering something out of my comfort zone but went for it anyways, it was a party dress.

As I not so gracefully slid into the last dress I immediately knew something was wrong.  It was tight in areas where it should of been lose, and roomy in areas where you would want a dress to be snug.  I zipped it up anyways and even though I  was already feeling discouraged I turned to look in the mirror.  Oh my goodness what did I order?!  It looked terrible, nothing like the photo online.  It was supposed to have a high straight neckline and instead was very low cut, more than I was comfortable with.  The sleeves were wide but at the same time so tight I couldn’t lift my arms past my shoulders.  I stood in the mirror for a good half hour trying to adjust with increasing frustration.  How could they have made this dress so poorly??  I wanted a new one STAT!

I emailed the company and explained the situation, they quickly responded asking for an original order # and photos of the poorly manufactured garment.
Of course I had already deleted the email confirmation and do you think I could find the receipt that was shipped with the dresses?!  The next half hour was spent tearing apart my bedroom while mumbling to myself about never ordering from this company again – all while still wearing this hideous dress that I could barely move in.  Occasionally I would catch my reflection in the mirror and shudder at the sight of myself.
I eventually found the receipt and snapped some super flattering pics (heavy sarcasm there) showing how poorly the dress fit.  I sent them off to the company with a half- angry,  half- poor me story about how I was planning on wearing the dress to a party that weekend.  This was a lie, but I was hoping it would help get me a replacement dress faster.

While I was not so patiently waiting to hear back from the customer service department I was venting about the situation to my friend.  I sent her the pictures showing how awful it looked to which she responded “And your sure you are wearing it properly?”  The nerve…of course I was wearing it properly!  I wear dresses all the time, this was not my fault, it was clearly made wrong!  Besides the fact that it was a very simple design and could really only been worn one…DING! Oh good they emailed back, I was so curious to hear how they would remedy the situation.

The email had a lot of words to read but I saw only 9 of them as I stared at my phone….


Oh. My. God.  Seriously?!

I sheepishly gathered the dress from the closet floor where I had thrown it in punishment and tried it on again.
Well how about that…when turned the other way the dress fit perfectly.

Have you ever laughed so hard at yourself that you thought you might actually be a little insane.  Me either….until this happened – and to look at the dress now I have no idea what made me think I had it on the right way.
To help you further visualize the hilarity of this situation, allow me to show you the two pictures I sent Lulus, minus the cleavage I blacked out.

How it should of looked


How it looked on me


I emailed customer service and apologized for my stupidity, to which they responded back ‘No problem it happens all the time’.  Riiight, I think they were just trying to make me feel better.

So what is the moral of the story here?

If something doesn’t fit, try turning it around.  Do not contact customer service until absolutely necessary.  Listen to your friends when they question your logic.  And never ever ask me for fashion advice.










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    Gayle Korlenko
    December 4, 2017 at 6:57 pm

    I laughed all day about that one! Reading this started it all over again. Koodo’s to you for sharing an imbarrassing story. I know we’ve all done it with some type of clothing!

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    December 4, 2017 at 9:08 pm



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    B Frankow
    December 5, 2017 at 3:10 pm

    Hahahahaha! Hilarious

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