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Fireplace Facelift

Who doesn’t love curling up in front of a fireplace on a cold winters night.  As much as I would love to have a wood burning fireplace in my home, I will gladly settle for an electric one.  For years I had a big black electric fireplace in my dining room. It came with the sale of the house and I was over the moon excited about it.  As the years went on however, I lost my love for it.  It was starting to look too bulky for the space and didn’t fit with the rustic style that my home was taking on. img_7451

So on a dreary Sunday afternoon I decided it was time to give the fireplace a facelift.  The actual flame/heat part was a just a small insert, probably a quarter of the size of the entire unit.  I really had no vision to start other than I wanted it refaced in wood.  Just so happened that my closet was under reno and there was a bunch of old wood that I was determined to use.  The wood was in pretty rough shape, uneven with plenty of nail holes – and absolutely perfect!


The accordion on top of the fireplace belonged to my grandpa who I lost three years ago.  I found it in their basement covered in dust, so I brought it home and hung it above the fireplace.  Besides adding a unique piece of décor to my home, it is also a very special keepsake from my sweet grandfather.

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