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Halloween Window Silhouettes

Happy Halloween!!

My favorite room in my home has got to be the front porch. 9 big beautiful windows are the perfect backdrop for holiday decorating. I love to spookify the porch up for Halloween and have been wanting to do window silhouettes since moving in.  I thought they would be a popular item I could just purchase in any Halloween section – this was not the case.  After browsing around in several stores with no luck, I decided to make my own. This was an inexpensive project, just a bit time-consuming.

Halloween window sihlouette

The only thing you really need to buy is some black bristol board paper. I bought somewhere around 30 sheets and had plenty left over.

The silhouettes were all done free hand, a few of them I googled Halloween images and based them off that. From there I just cut them out and taped them on the windows. Easy peasy. It may seem a bit intimidating, but believe you me I am no artist and received several compliments on these – even winning a Home Depot DIY contest!

Halloween window sihlouette IMG_2109


The cat was my favorite but I can’t take the credit for it, someone much more talented than I drew that. If you feel like your creativity is not at that level, simple ghosts like I put in the upstairs window will look just as good. Even little spiders put in the corners of the windows looked spooky once it was dark. I put an orange lightbulb in the porch to help enhance the black silhouettes.  I saved the silhouettes if anyone wanted to use them as templates to decorate your own space.  I haven’t decided what I will put up this year, maybe I will try a theme, like allll cats.  OK calm down crazy cat lady.  Any thoughts on a fun spooky theme?



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