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Hello Friends!

Hello!  I’m still here – still loving the blog life.  I know my posts have been scarce lately and I have a wonderful reason for that….I started a new job!!!!!!!!  Notice all those exclamation marks, do you feel my excitement?!
You are likely thinking that if I’m this excited about a job, it must be related to wine somehow – but alas it is not.  It does however have to do with another great passion of mine….decorating and design.

Lets take a little walk down memory lane and I will tell you all the fun details!

Just over 3 months ago I was sitting on the couch scrolling through all the excitement that is Facebook (heavy sarcasm on the excitement part).
Oh look, if I share this post I will receive a big winfall of money in the next 24 hours.  Keep scrolling.  Oh no, if I don’t comment “Amen” on this photo,  homeless kitten tears will shed around the world.  Keep scrolling.  Ohhh snap,  something big is happening in Jill’s life, but her cryptic post will leave me wondering what exactly it is.  Keep scrolling.
Oh! Portobello Home has a new post, lets see what it says….
‘Are you someone who loves interiors, who obsesses over all the details of design?  Living and breathing design is what we do.  We are looking for the right person who would like to be a part of that.’  I was instantly excited – I wanted to be a part of that!

For those of you not familiar with this business….we can’t be friends.  Juuust kidding!  Portobello Home is a one of a kind store located in the popular Bay and Algoma area.  The owner Laura, is a ridiculously talented, self taught designer.  Customers hire her to help make their homes beautiful and functional.  While the space might be small it houses some gorgeous furniture and home accessories.  Over the years, I myself have purchased a stunning reclaimed barn board dining table from there, along with some smaller unique home décor items.  Oh and lets not forget about the amazing cactus lamp that my mom recently surprised me with from there – perhaps one of the coolest things in my home, besides me of course *badum tish* (that drum sound after someone makes a corny joke).

Cactus lamp

Sorry no more bad jokes, back to the job posting.  As I sat there and read the qualifications over and over I started to realize that I might actually stand a chance at getting this position.  Yes, job requirements are important, but so is having the confidence in yourself to go for it.  I immediately texted my sister in law Alex, who has been my biggest cheerleader when it comes to my blog and decorating projects.  She also has an awesome blog that I highly recommend you check out – Alex Inspired … after you finish reading mine of course!  So naturally, Alex was just as excited as I was, our conversation that evening included a lot of exclamation marks, smiley faces, and words like YAY! YASSS! OMG! and EEEEEE!  She offered to help me with my cover letter and resume, which was so great, it had been over ten years since I had applied for a job.  I sent Alex all the standard resume info that is required, and what she sent me back was amazing!  She re-worded and tweaked what I had written, highlighting all my qualities that were beneficial to this position.  Without her help I don’t think I would of been called for an interview.

I went into the interview a little nervous but mostly feeling confident in myself and my abilities.  I think the biggest mistake people make in an interview, and in life, is to try and be someone they are not.  I did not want to be hired based on a false impression of myself, that would just lead to disappointment down the road for both of us.  Sitting and talking with Laura felt like chatting with one of my girlfriends, I left feeling good about how it went.  The days that followed were a little nerve racking – I replayed the interview over in my head many times, dissecting all the comments I had made.  You can imagine my excitement when she eventually called to offer me the position.  While I tried to remain calm and professional on the phone, I was at the same time running around my house dancing and fist pumping.  It was a great moment for me.

My first few weeks of work were exciting but challenging.  One of the first shifts I had working alone came after only a couple weeks of training, Laura was out of town at a furniture show.  I walked in feeling confident,  I was determined to show her that she did not make a mistake in hiring me and trusting me to run the store when she couldn’t.  I went through my normal morning routine, swept the floor, turned on all the lights – no problem, I got this!  Now lets just turn some music on aaaaand wait a second, the computer isn’t on.
It had always been on already when I came in to start my shift.
No worries, I’ll just turn it on….once I find the power button.
Omg where is the power button, I seriously could not find it!
Maybe if I keep sliding my hands around this monitor, one will magically appear.
Maybe the power button is down on the floor (I was desperate OK).
There was no way in H-E-double hockey sticks that I was texting Laura to ask how to turn a computer on!  So I pulled out my phone – GOOGLE search….How do you turn a MAC computer on?  Problem solved!
Side note – if you ever need to turn on a MAC computer and can’t find the power button, its on the back left hand side of the monitor.  If the screen is black but the computer is on, just hit the enter button.  Your welcome.

Some days I left work feeling like I was on cloud 9, and some days I left feeling inadequate.  Sure I love decorating and design, but there is more to it than just putting some furniture in a room and making it pretty.  I needed to learn about designers that I wasn’t familiar with, along with all the brands we carry in the store.  I had moments where I felt overwhelmed and  discouraged – but I know that is normal in any part of life.  Those moments just gave me the motivation to read more and ask more questions.  With every shift I feel more confident, I am learning so much about design from Laura, and from talking with customers.

My life has become a little bit busier these days, working two jobs does not leave me with many days off.  Although I find that I just utilize my free time better now than I used to.  Well, except for the other day when I lied on the couch the entire day, ate junk food and watched movies.  I haven’t done that in months though, so I deserved it – plus I  had a touch of the wine flu.

So that is the reason I have been MIA lately – I have really missed writing and sharing my decorating projects with the ten people that read this blog lol so I will try to set aside more time for it.

Shall I wrap this post up with some inspiring and inspirational words for you? OK here goes….
If I had seen this job posting a few years back, I would of read it, got excited about it, and done nothing.  Why?  Because I lacked confidence in myself and I would of been scared to go for something out of my comfort zone.  That is such nonsense!  If there is something you truly love and are passionate about, go for it!  Not everything is going to work out in your favor, but I would rather look back and say I had the strength to try and fail than to not try at all.  The difficult experiences in life help you to learn and grow more than all the positive experiences combined.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with having the self-love and confidence to say hey I would be great at that, or hey I look beautiful today, or hey I am a really good person.  Everyone is so quick to point out their own flaws, and other peoples, but something truly amazing could be just around the corner if you just focus on all the good you have to offer this world.  Trust me, there are so many opportunities just waiting for you!


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