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Hey, Don’t I know you??

Every year on Boxing Day the family gathers at my house for a holiday celebration.  The traditional sit down turkey dinner and resulting couch potatoes groaning about how full they are is not my idea of a fun family gathering.  So naturally I like to have a different ‘theme’ each year.  Here are a few I have done in previous years…

  • Italian theme: Pretty straight forward, everyone had to bring an Italian dish.  In hindsight I should of added more to it, like we had to dress up as a Mafia family.
  • Backwards theme:  Oh this was fun! Besides everyone having to wear their clothes backwards, we also ate dinner backwards – starting with dessert and ending with appetizers.
  • Alphabet theme:  I put all the letters from BOXING DAY in a hat and everyone drew a letter.  Each person had to bring a dish that started with the letter they pulled.

Last year was my favorite theme so far – I called it ‘Hey, don’t I know you??’
I put all the family members names in a hat and each person drew a name.  You had to come to dinner dressed like the family members name you pulled.
Originally I had male and females mixed together but some of the males in my family are not adventurous enough to come to dinner dressed as their female relative.  So I divided the name drawing into boys and girls.  The result was hilarious!  Some people got so creative, including my aunt who even wore a fake nose ring to look as close to my step-sister as possible.

A theme for this year is still in the works, any suggestions?


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