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Icicles at Kringle-town

Happy Holidays!

I have teamed up with some fellow Canadian bloggers to bring you A Canadian Little Christmas!  Here you will find a variety of amazing holiday ideas all wrapped up in one easy to navigate post.  After you have finished reading about the wonderful world of icicles, continue scrolling down and follow the links to see what these talented women have created.

Have Yourself a Canadian Little Christmas - blog hop!

Before I dive into the world of icicles, lets address the one thing you are likely wondering right now – where is Kringle-town and how do I get there??

Kringle-town is the name my friends and I have given to my home.  Why you ask? Allow me to explain….

A few years ago I came up with the genius idea to change my last name to Kringle.  There may have been a few glasses of wine involved in this decision but nonetheless I thought it was the perfect last name.  I love Christmas so much, and Christie Kringle just pairs together perfectly.  I didn’t actually change my name but Kringle did stick as a nick name from a few people, and I simply adore it.

The next part of this story comes from a place called Bentleyville in Duluth, MN.  Bentleyville is America’s largest free walk through Christmas light display.  It started as a simple display at Nathan Bentley’s home and over the years was moved to Bayfront Park with over 4 million lights covering 20 acres.  After recently visiting Bentleyville, I thought it would be great fun to start my own light display and see how big it could expand – but considering my ancient home does not have one outdoor plugin, I realize this is a total pipe dream.  It was through talking about this wonderful but unrealistic dream that my friends and I came up with the name Kringle-town. While it may never boast spectacular light displays or gain worldwide recognition, it is full of Christmas spirit, with a little glittery magic in every room – oh, and there is always free wine!

In my opinion, one of the best rooms to see at Kringle-town is the front porch.  The past few Christmas seasons I have covered the ceiling with branches and lights and various types of decorations.  This year I wanted to do something different, so I channeled my inner elf and bam it came to me – icicles.  Icicles everywhere.  I shopped around looking for icicles that matched what I was envisioning but had no luck.  So it was time to get creative and make my own.

Supplies were simple – a roll of white stock paper, scissors, a ruler and a glue stick.  Making an icicle is pretty easy, cut a section of paper off depending on how wide you want the icicle to be and fold in half.  Then using a ruler draw a straight line to form a triangle, cut, roll into an icicle shape, and glue.  I trimmed some of the tips to make them pointy while others I cut out odd shaped ends to give the illusion of water dripping.  I crumpled the icicles into a ball and then blew into them to plump them back up – this helped to add some texture to the icicles.  Although they are easy to make, they were quite time consuming – for four straight nights I cut and glued, cut and glued, cut and glued, cut and glued.
The end result was totally worth it though, my porch was transformed into a Canadian winter wonderland for under 20 dollars.

To help complete the look I hung mini lights from the ceiling and strung cotton balls onto dental floss to give a falling snow ambiance.  I used white and silver decorations for the rest of the porch – I felt like too much colour would take away from the cool vibe.


I wish it was warmer inside the porch this time of year, I would sleep in it if I could.  The icicles, lights, and sparkly decorations combine to make this space feel enchanting and magical.

My absolute favourite part of this room though is Christmas Grumpy Cat, who is happily waiting to greet my guests upon arrival – trust me he is smiling on the inside 🙂

Grumpy cat

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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    December 12, 2016 at 10:11 am

    Firstly, I love visiting Kringle-Town, it even smells like Christmas at your house.

    Secondly, those icicles are badass, and even more beautiful in person!

    Thanks for joining me in my crazy idea this year, Christie Kringle! I can’t wait for next year’s hop! One year down, many more to go! <3

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    December 13, 2016 at 9:12 pm

    Wow! You are so creative. Amazing!!! I’m so happy that you started this blog.

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