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Meat Bouquet

Mmmeat! Most men’s favorite food on the plate.

My stepdad recently celebrated his 60th birthday. He is impossible to buy for – if he wants something, he buys it. Great. So what do you give the man who has everything??

Meat bouquet

You give him man flowers!

This was quite simple to make, I bought a flower pot from the dollar store as well as a foam floral ball to put inside it. I candied some bacon in the oven and bought a couple different types of salami. You could really use any type of meat you want as long as it is firm enough to hold a flower shape.

I twisted each piece of meat in a spiral so it almost looked like a rose, slid it onto the end of a wooden skewer and scattered the skewers around the foam ball. I used lettuce leaf to fill in between the skewers. The leaves falling over the edge of the pot are just cucumber shavings and the orange and yellow flowers are carrots cut up fancy shmancy.

The bouquet was a big hit at the party and barely lasted an hour before all the yummy flowers were devoured.

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