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Old Ladder

What is your decorating style?  Many of you are going to say “Oh, I don’t have one”, when in fact you do.  If I were to show you a picture of an empty room and ask you to decorate it, some of you may feel overwhelmed and say you can’t.  However, I bet if I started showing you paint samples and furniture pieces you would either like or dislike them.  This is because deep down somewhere you actually have a decorating style, you just haven’t tapped into it yet.
My decorating style is best defined as Eclectic.  What is this you ask?  It is a mixture of textures, time periods, styles, trends, and colours.  Basically my house has a little bit of everything.  I love modern style but I also love the rustic look as well as antiques – and I really love the combination of them all together.

I have always wanted to do something with an old ladder – so when my friend told me she had one sitting in her backyard that I could have, I was super excited!
Not only was it an ideal rustic piece for my home, but her father in law hand made it, making it that much more special.  I already had the perfect spot picked out for it, but once I got it home I discovered a problem – the ladder was waaaay too long for the wall space.  I wanted to utilize the entire ladder, so I cut the length I needed for the wall and suspended the small piece from the dining room ceiling.

Old ladder

Old ladder

My dining room is home to an abundance of house plants, so I have used the ladder to hang many of them.  I’ve also used it for hanging candles, mini vases, and lights at Christmas time – the possibilities are really quite endless.

Same goes for the longer section of the ladder hanging on the living rom wall.  I change the décor in it often, usually with the change in seasons.  For zero dollars I was able to add a unique and rustic look to two rooms in my home.  Go find yourself an old ladder and have some fun with it!



Old ladder


Incase you are wondering what the long brown thing is sitting on top of the ladder – it is a hand made fishing rod and it is amazing!  I haven’t found the perfect spot for it just yet.

Nothing says welcome spring like a bunch of conga bunnies!  The rocks to the right of the bunnies I collected on my Beach Tour 2016, and the sign reads ‘April showers bring May flowers’. Yay spring!!


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