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Painting Party

Ever felt like you had an inner Picasso in you just waiting to be unleashed onto a blank canvas?  Ya, me neither.
Give me glass or two of wine though and I feel like I can create a masterpiece.

I had seen several different sip and canvas type businesses online and thought it looked like a lot of fun.  A professional instructor guides you through painting your own picture, as you enjoy a beverage or two of your choice.  Unfortunately good ol’ TBay doesn’t offer anything resembling this type of activity.
So when I was trying to think of a low key but fun evening to celebrate my friends birthday, I decided to have my own sip and paint party.


Everything I needed I was able to find at the dollar store, including the canvas. I bought plastic plate stands to prop the canvas up in.  Each person had their own acrylic paint pack – don’t use water based paint as it will run on the canvas.  I found a fairly simple how to paint video on youtube and streamed it through the TV. We did have to rewind the video several times and our final picture did not look exactly as our teacher’s, but everyone had fun expressing their creative side.

Painting party


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