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Staycation II

After all the great fun we had during our staycation last year, The Happy Club decided to make it an annual adventure.  We found that one night was not nearly enough exploring time, so we extended the staycation II to a whole weekend this year.

For those of you not familiar with good ole TBay, back in the day it was two separate cities, Port Arthur and Fort William.  In 1970 the cities amalgamated and Thunder Bay was formed.  For the most part we are all one big happy family, although some rivalries still remain.  I myself am partial to Port Arthur, mainly because it is where I was born and raised.  I rarely venture over to Fort William and when I do I feel completely lost.
Seeing as last year we only explored Port Arthur, it seemed fair to spend half our weekend in Fort William during this staycation.  My FW bestie made us a travel guide in hopes to help sway us to like Fort William over Port Arthur.  It was thoughtful and funny, but did not work, nice try Ritchie.

Our staycation names from left to right were…Panda (short for Amanda Panda 45 Woot!), Randy (don’t ask) and Darryl (again don’t ask).


The first evening we spent discovering the night life that Fort William has to offer.  The cab driver that picked us up from the hotel told us we were entering the dark side of town and his wife would shoot us if he brought us home to meet her.  We had a good laugh and took a selfie with him – you can’t scare us off that easily.
It was fun to experience bars that I had never been to, the wine tastes just as good in Fort William as it does in Port Arthur.

The next day we had breaky in the hotel and headed out sightseeing.  After visiting a few local businesses, we stopped to share a cony dog – our travel guide said that was a must.  By this time we were starting to feel a little parched, so we went in search of a place to get some water (aka alcohol) and good food.  The Crew on May provided one of the best lunches I have had in the city.  It was rave reviews around the table, I highly recommend it!

We made a quick stop to see the James Whalen Tug Boat at the Kaministiquia Riverfront Heritage Park.
Fun fact, it was built in 1906, is 180 feet long and could break ice 40 inches thick.

Next we stopped at the Botanical Conservatory and made happy wishes in the pond.  This was not my first time visiting but I never tire of this lovely place, if you have not checked it out I recommend you add it to your ‘to do list’.

Making happy wishes!


Just a few minutes from the Conservatory is the Cancer Society Hope and Memory Garden.  This was one of those places in the city that I often drove past and wanted to check out, but never seemed to make the time.  No better time than staycation weekend!
A beautiful and peaceful place, the garden was one of my top visits from the weekend.

While we barely scratched the surface of things to see and do in Fort William, we had a blast and look forward to exploring it more on next years Staycation.
On to Port Arthur….

Seeing as we all live on this side of town, we are pretty familiar with shops, restaurants, and touristy places to see.  Both years we have booked our staycation on the same weekend as Ribfest, which provides us with plenty of fun activities.  We had some good eats and did a little dancing – OK maybe a lot of dancing.
After visiting a couple bars in the downtown area we ventured over to Wacky Wings, only one of us had been there before.  Gosh was it fun!  I felt like a kid again, running around finding different games to play, except now I can play with a glass of wine in hand.  A taxi was not easy to come by when leaving so we did a little singing in the rain and eventually found our way back to the hotel.

We had a beary good time!


I often hear people saying that there is nothing to do in Thunder Bay, but that is not true at all.  You don’t need to book a hotel for the weekend (although you should because its so fun!) to experience all the great things this city has to offer.  I cannot wait until next years staycation, we might need to make it a 3 night adventure!



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    Gayle Korlenko
    September 11, 2017 at 1:02 pm

    Sounds like you had an awesome time. Was an easy read, nice to hear about places in our own city.

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