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Every year The Happy Club heads to Duluth for a fun weekend.  With the dollar being so bad and the prices of hotels so expensive in the summer, we decided to have a ‘staycation’.
We rented a room at the Prince Arthur hotel which is in the heart of the downtown core.  We became tourists in our own city and it was so fun!


Sam,  Chloe and Mia were our new names for the trip, although we did forget to use them most of the time.

We shopped at stores and ate at restaurants we had always wanted to try but somehow never seemed to find the time.  We even took a walking downtown tour and learnt some great history about the city we live in.
It just so happened our staycation fell on Ribfest weekend, a popular annual event that takes over the downtown core.  This just added to the tourist fun – we danced in the streets and made lots of friends.


It is always nice to go out of town and see new places but I highly recommend you treat yourself to at least one staycation in your lifetime.  We take for granted all the amazing things our city has to offer – seeing it from a tourist’s point of view gave me a whole new appreciation.  This was a great experience and I think the Happy Club has found themselves a new tradition.

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