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The Front Porch

I believe the space we live in is just as important to our well-being as the air, water, and all other external factors surrounding us.  Whether you live in an apartment, a house, a castle, or an igloo, your home is just that – all yours.  It is where we feel most comfortable and safe, our own private escape from a world that can sometimes feel overwhelming.  The rooms in our home begin as a blank canvas, an opportunity to express our personalities whichever way we choose.
Besides my bed, my favorite place in my home has to be the front porch.  It is not very big, and the floor is slightly slanted, but it has nine beautiful windows all of which open.  The sun shines in the entire day making it a warm and cozy place to read, take a nap, or listen to some records while enjoying a glass of wine.  My favorite thing about this space though is the versatility it has to change its look throughout the year.


There a few key pieces in the porch that always remain throughout the seasons.  The amazing green carpet which I bought at Ikea (I luuuuv Ikea!) brings the outdoors inside with its grassy colour and texture.   The comfy chaise lounge (or as my friend Ritchie pronounces it ‘shassay’ lounge) is the perfect relaxing chair, I only wish I had enough room to fit a second one in the space.   The sheers add an airy and romantic feel to the porch and are hanging on curtain rods that I made from birch branches.
Side note:  If you ever want to slide curtains onto branches it is a good idea to cover the branch with plastic first – I figured that out after struggling for quite some time with the sheers/branches.  Just a little handy tip for you, not that you need it if unlike me you have some common sense.

It is hard to say which time of year is my favorite for the porch, I think I love them all equally!

Like Halloween…..complete with a relaxing skeleton reading ‘Tall Dark and Cowboy’.  Don’t judge.

Halloween porch

The porch has taken on a few different looks for the Christmas season, with the most recent one being my favorite.  To find out how I created this look check out my Icicles at Kringle Town post.


Since the holiday decorations have been down, the porch has been kind of blah and boring.  It was in need of some colour and spring inspiration.  I know, I know, its only February, but spring is just around the corner!  I did not want to fill the porch with bunches of fake spring flowers – especially since there is still a fair bit of snow outside, and my window boxes still have mini Christmas trees frozen in them.
I needed something else that was spring inspired with vibrant colours.  Something like….Umbrellas!


I love the colour and whimsical feeling the porch has now, and all for under 20 dollars.  I ran some fairy lights throughout the umbrellas to help light up the space at night.


I found some fun letters on clearance at the craft store that I think fit perfectly in the space with the umbrellas.  The porch feels cheerful and welcoming now – even grumpy cat is ready for spring with his sun visor on.  Oh, and if it happens to being raining cats and dogs (or men perhaps 🙂 ) in the near future, I won’t have to go searching for an umbrella!



Front Porch

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    Debbie Faulkner
    February 15, 2017 at 11:07 am

    I just love your ideas girl <3 you need to come and visit me and give me some fresh ideas too. Keep it coming, I love reading your blogs !

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    Gayle Korlenko
    February 15, 2017 at 1:20 pm

    Your creativity continues to blow me away! I absolutely love it! Who would have thought of umbrellas! Such a unique idea! Your post was entertaining as always to read, loved it!

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