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Wedding Calendar Countdown

The dictionary defines the word ‘Engaged’ as “having formally agreed to marry.”

Most women would define the word ‘Engaged’ as “OMG I’m getting married! He put a ring on it! About time! Flowers! Cake! Colours! Invitations! The DRESS! Sparkly pretty everything!”  In other words they are pretty darn excited, and as they should be.  This is a day so many girls dream about since they were little.

The days and weeks following an engagement are ones filled with champagne and congratulation wishes from all around.  You’re riding the high of love, your smile always meets your ears and you have a warm, tingly feeling in the pit of your stomach.
You and your fiancé decide on a date and you are off and running with the rest of the wedding plans.
As the days pass, friends and family return their focus to their own lives.  Not to say they aren’t still excited for you, just busy living life.  They periodically check in on how the wedding planning is going and are there to attend the important events like dress shopping and bridal showers.

One of my closest friends Jessica (aka Ritchie) recently got engaged (EEEEE so exciting!) and I wanted to make sure she never felt like I was becoming uninterested in her wedding planning.  I wanted to give her something that would keep the wedding excitement going for the whole year leading up to the wedding.  This is when I got the idea to give her a calendar, I know its doesn’t sound very exciting does it?  There are several wedding countdown calendars available to purchase, with all the important details of planning a wedding listed – ranging from booking a venue 12 months before, to applying for a wedding license 1 month before.  I took this idea and made a personalized version of it for Ritchie.

I was lucky enough to find a large wall calendar at Staples that started Spetember 2017, probably intended for families with children in school.  Ritchie’s wedding is in September 2018 so this worked perfect – I could create her her very own wedding countdown calendar.

I started by filling in the important details like when you should have flowers, music, hair, etc. booked.  I know she has most of these details booked already, but I put them down anyways – this way she will feel ahead of the game!  On the 28th of each month (her wedding date) I wrote down how many months, weeks, days, and hours were left until the big day.

The calendar still looked pretty bare, even after filling in all those details – it was time to get creative.
Month by month I went through and filled in as many days as I could with wedding jokes, superstitions, fall cocktail ideas, bachelorette party ideas, even lyrics to country love songs (Ritchie luuuvs Country music).  I also added a wedding hashtag each month – it was actually quite tricky to put their names together and come up with something clever.  My favourite ones were #oncloudHarris (his last name), #hitchie2018 (their last names combined), and #HappilyEverHarris.

The calendar also had a large blank section on the side of each month for notes.  There was no way I was leaving that section empty.  Here is a rundown of what i wrote in each section…

September – Since there was only 3 days left in this month I used the blank section to explain why I made this calendar for her.
October – A diagram to help the bride and groom decide who they should and should not invite to the wedding.
November – 10 things to know before buying a wedding dress.
December – A list of classic first dance songs.
January – A list of Fall flowers and their meanings.
February – How to say ‘I Love You’ in 10 different languages.
March – A list of popular late-night reception snacks.
April – 10 things you should know before you have a wedding.
May – The bride’s birthday month! I listed wedding traditions from her nationalities.
June – The groom’s birthday month!  I listed wedding traditions from his nationalities.
July – 13 important pre-wedding questions to ask each other.
August – 5 blissful sex positions for their wedding night (sorry to the parents for that one lol!)
September – A list of interesting facts regarding the month of september and the number 28 (their wedding date).

I really didn’t want the calendar to be too serious so I tried to incorporate some just for fun things into the monthly sections.
I included a few packs of heart stickers with the calendar so that as each day passed, Ritchie could check them off with a heart.
More fun and alot prettier than marking a big black X on each day.

This was an inexpensive gift but fairly time consuming – after all the reading I have done regarding weddings recently, I am considering myself a bit of an expert!

I hope Ritchie enjoys the calendar as much as I did making it.

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