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Wedding Centrepiece

The most important part of a wedding is the love and commitment shared between two people.
The next most important part is the decorating. No wait, the next most important is a well stocked wine supply – then decorating.

When two very special people in my life tied the knot and asked me to help with the decorating, I was so honored and excited.
The wedding was an intimate and lovely celebration held on a beautiful spring day. The couple have a great love for the outdoors and wanted that incorporated into the décor.
I thought the combination of tulips and pussywillows would make a pretty centerpiece, great for a spring wedding. Turned out tulips were the brides favorite – perfect!

Wedding Centrepiece

I wanted to have something else on the tables besides the flowers. I had seen different types of wood candles on pinterest and in stores and knew they would pair well with the arrangements.
So off to camp I went – nature can provide such beautiful and inexpensive decorations.  I cut bunches of pussywillows and with the help of my handy assistant, a small birch tree.
We cut the tree into different length pieces ranging between 3-5 inches. Using a drill with a 1.5 inch wood spade bit we hollowed out each piece just far enough that a tea light could fit nicely in it.

Wedding Centrepiece

It felt like the centerpieces still needed one more thing, something personalized. So we cut thin discs off of the remaining birch tree, maybe 1/4 inch thick. My original plan was to attempt wood burning on them, making it look like their initials had been carved in a tree.  This proved to be much more difficult than I had envisioned and with time running out I had to come up with a plan B.  So I bought brown craft paint and used the end of a paperclip to write on the discs.  It actually looked pretty close to wood burned lettering.

The centerpieces were simple yet classic, a perfect reflection of the bride and groom.

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