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Who Will Make The Better Spouse?

In just two short months, my best friend Ritchie will take the plunge and marry her prince charming, Joey.  It has been great fun helping her with the wedding planning and I will be sad when all the festivities have come to an end.  So in an attempt to keep the wedding fun going at all times, I came up with a game for the happy couple to play on our annual camping trip – “Who will make the better spouse?”

My plan was for them to compete against each other doing normal everyday household chores.  The tricky part was coming up with ideas that could be done in the middle of nowhere, with no power or running water.  It took about a week of brainstorming and gathering supplies but it was definitely worth it.  It was quite entertaining and very funny watching them race against each other in order to be the best at the ten following tasks:

Chore #1 – Threading a needle 

Ritchie and Joey were each given a sewing kit – the winner had to successfully thread five different needles in the fastest amount of time.  I was quite surprised at how quickly Joey completed this. One point for him.
Side note….you think finding a needle in a haystack is hard, try finding one dropped in the sand.

Chore #2 – Pairing together a pile of mismatched socks

Basically they did my laundry for me.  I had them close their eyes while I dumped an equal amount of men’s/women’s socks in front of each of them.  Ritchie was the first to pair all her socks up, although Joey was a very close second.

Chore #3 – Hanging clothes on the line

We hung two separate clothelines, put all the socks they had just matched in bags, along with a few pairs of undies to make it more fun and off they went.
Now I know what you are thinking and eww, no I did not give them previously worn underwear! I bought new ones!  Each item had to be hung with it’s own clothespin, and once again to my surprise, Joey finished first.  Although if we were judging final appearance, Ritchie’s clothesline was much neater.

Chore #4 – Folding a fitted sheet

Ritchie and Joey had to fold the sheet into a uniform square; have it approved by the judge (me!); unfold the sheet, and then refold with their eyes closed.
It was a close race, but Joey took the point on this one.


Chore #5 – Untangling Christmas lights

I was worried with this game that Joey might throw his lights down the beach and forfeit his point…. because lets face it, this is a frustrating task.  Unless of course you are enjoying a paralyzer while watching your friends struggle with it, in which case it is a lot of fun.
Ritchie won this game by a long shot, even untangling Joey’s set after she was done her own.

Chore #6 – Assembling without instructions

My original idea was to buy a couple ‘build a birdhouse’ kits and have them assemble without reading the ‘How To’.  I wasn’t able to find what I was looking for, so instead they were each given a wooden 3D puzzle with the instructions removed.
Ritchie finished first and was so excited she fell right out of her lawn chair.  Unfortunately, after careful examination, Joey discovered one piece was not in the right place and so the point went to him.  She was still the winner in my mind though – losing a full beverage in the post assembly fall should of been reason enough to give her the point.

Chore #7 – Picking up garbage

I gathered empty cans, random papers, and other assorted items and made two piles in the sand.  Ritchie and Joey were each given a claw reacher grabber thingy (that’s what I call them)  and had to race to put all their garbage in the bin first.  Yet another close one, but the point went to Joey.

Chore #8 – Chopping an onion

Ritchie and Joey were each given a whole onion and the exact same knife. The winner had to peel and chop the onion into uniform diced pieces.  I was expecting a lot of tears on this one, but Ritchie was done in a flash.  It was quite impressive, and gave her a much needed point in the game!  We also had plenty of onions for hot dogs that evening…
Win Win!

Chore #9 – Hammer and screw

Now get your mind out of the gutter folks! I am talking about working with wood….  Ha, I’m not making it easy, am I?
Ritchie and Joey were each given a piece of firewood, five nails, and three screws along with the exact same screwdriver and hammer.  Joey was the first to have his nailed/screwed into the wood, ending Ritchie’s chances of winning the competition…. or so she thought.

Chore #10 – Rub ‘ONE’ out

Hey, for some people this may be a chore, ha!
I played this game at a shag last year and thought it was hilarious.  I changed it up a bit to make it more difficult for Ritchie and Joey.
They were each given a wood plunger with the word ‘one’ written on it 12 times in different size letters.  While holding the plunger between their legs, they had to use sandpaper and be the first to rub the plunger stick clean.
In a last ditch attempt to end the game in a tie, Ritchie would get two points if she finished before Joey was halfway done.
Umm she didn’t even come close, that boy had his sanded down to perfection in no time. I could say so many things here, but in an attempt to keep this PG, I will refrain.

Joey was the winner of the game, and as Ritchie pointed out afterwards, has no excuse to not do these chores around the house now, since he’s sooo good at them.



And the trophy goes to…


I thought this game was a lot of fun, and Ritchie and Joey were great sports.  It would make a fantastic engagement party game, with many more hilarious chores possible.
I can’t wait for the Bachelorette party and more crazy games!


Funny side note story….

I had to purchase quite a few items for this game, and at one point found myself walking around a store with two plungers, three pairs of women’s undies, and three pairs of men’s 4XL underwear.  I was definitely being judged haha.  When I went up to the cashier and placed the items on the counter, the young man working looked at them and said to me “Its ok, we’ve all been there.”  Alrighty then.





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